Installers take nora Training

nora® training gives installers hands-on experience

Posted on December 7, 2016 by

Continuing a company-wide commitment to advanced training, four flooring installers from H.J. Martin and Son underwent training at the nora® Technical Academy in Salem, N.H., over a three-day period (Dec. 6-8, 2016).

The objective of the nora® Technical Academy is to provide installers with the latest industry developments and installation techniques, including new moisture-testing methods, along with extensive hands-on training with nora® personnel.

Upon completion of the course, participants are confirmed as nora® approved installers.  They then are certified in specialties such as Cutting In, Seam Cutting, Stairtreads, Sanitary Base, Heat Weld, Cold Weld, Flash Coving, nora® dryfix and adhesive methods.

“There definitely is an art to installing nora® products,” says Rachel Weber, project coordinator in the commercial flooring division of H.J. Martin and Son.  “Having this certification helps to differentiate our installers from others.  We see nora® as a high-performing product in the commercial-flooring market, and H.J. Martin is well-positioned to deliver a quality solution to the end user.”

The four H.J. Martin and Son installers who received the 2016 nora® certification are a highly experienced group: Pete Hermann (13 years in commercial flooring, 4 years in resilient, 1 year in coved), Cory Freeman (24-11-19), Karl Freeman (13-13-1) and Mike Robenhorst (6-6-2).

Often nora® products are seen in educational buildings, healthcare facilities and other heavily trafficked spaces.  H.J. Martin and Son and its affiliated Mavid Construction have upcoming nora® projects at the new science building at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and at the Thrivent Financial data center in Northeast Wisconsin.

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