A True Story of a Home Remodel

A True Story of a Home Remodel

Posted on December 17, 2016 by

Interior Designer Mary Souther shares her family’s experience remodeling their home in the Fox Valley:

After living in Maine for 20 years, I finally returned to my roots back home in Wisconsin. Throughout those years, I experienced my career evolve, built a marriage and a new home, raised children…And so our next life adventure began and there’s never a dull moment living with a designer.

We hit the ground running during our first month back to town.  We decided to settle down in a small lakefront “cottage” in the Fox Valley, near family.  We expected to make some changes when we purchased the home.

Our story started with the first change that needed to happen…a renovation of the much-outdated basement.  This renovation took place in late winter and needed to be completed by early spring when the youngest was planning to relocate here from Maine and stay in our basement.

Thanks to my very handy brother, who accommodated my ideas and schedule, what once was a basement is now an entertainment space, an extra bedroom and bathroom, and updated steps down to a hallway. All was completed just in time for Jessica’s arrival, and now that she has moved out and is on her own, we have plenty of room for guests.

Some of the materials used in the renovation are Melrose wool carpet, Armstrong Luxe planking, Beachwalk ledger stone and a Stanton area rug.

The next much-needed change…a bathroom remodel. Visit me at the Fox Valley Showroom for all of those details!

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