Fox Valley team attends Excellence in Leadership

Fox Valley team attends ‘Excellence in Leadership’ event

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Members of our H.J. Martin and Son Fox Valley team had the pleasure of attending “Christian Values For Business, Excellence in Leadership” held at the Oshkosh Convention Center earlier this month. We were inspired by guest speaker and the leadership of David Twite, President and CEO of MacDonald and Owen Lumber Company based in Sparta, Wis. David ministers that being inspired is like breathing life into a business. He has a faith-based approach to all aspects of his life. His employees are like family to him and to each other, and they enjoy the caring work environment that David provides.

A number of his employees were in attendance and shared their passion for their jobs. One gentleman was able to renew his long-lost relationship with his father through David’s guidance and commitment; David was bedside when this employee’s father passed away. It was very emotional to witness the blessings God bestowed on this family through the help of one of His followers (David).

We are all challenged by our daily commitments to God, family and career.  David’s faith-based approach to situations is where we can all find balance in our lives. His inspiration allowed me to listen more intently to those around me for the balance of that week. My mindset was more at ease and patient – qualities that we tend to lose on certain days.

David shared his approach to his vocation: the desire and the confidence to do the right thing in all we do is where we find our Anchor…that anchor allows us to chart our course and leads us in the right direction to find our North Star…the positive influences in our lives create our trade winds…and if we have our sails ready then our course and firm foundation will be our constant.

My family is my anchor, my North Star is eternal life with my maker, and between the beginning and the culmination of change, I will do my best to keep the wind in my sail.  May you find your anchor.

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