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Project Divisions: Doors & Hardware, Fixture Installation, Flooring & Ceramic Tile, Glass & Glazing, Walls & Ceilings
Project Manager(s):

Walls & Ceilings: Barry Christenson | [email protected] | 920-490-3146

Doors & Hardware: Lucas Wendt | [email protected] | 920-321-3007

Fixtures: Jason Frisch | [email protected] | 920-544-4232

Glass & Glazing: Kevin LaPoint | [email protected] | 920-490-3129

Flooring: Roger Rohloff | [email protected] | 920-490-3154

Location: Green Bay, Wis.

Completion Date: July, 2013

Project Description:

In 2013 H.J. Martin and Son was contracted to install exterior metal framing, drywall and interior finish of the Cabela’s “World’s Foremost Outfitter” retail store in Green Bay, Wis. The Cabela’s build was a special project not only because of the meaning to the community but also because of the involvement of all divisions within H.J. Martin and Son, including the interior and exterior of the building.

Over its eight-plus decades, H.J. Martin and Son has faced countless challenges and condensed schedules. As with any project, teamwork and a high level of organizational skills are a must, especially considering all of the H.J. Martin and Son commercial divisions were utilized in this project.

Throughout the build of the Cabela’s building, H.J. Martin and Son framed and sheet-rocked over 10,000 linear feet of both interior and exterior wall.  All said and done, there was more than 155,000 square feet of interior drywall and exterior gypsum board installed on the project.

In addition to all of the drywall and metal framing, H.J. Martin and Son also was contracted to install all of the floor coverings on the Cabela’s project. Throughout the unique building design, there was more than 5,200 square yards of carpet tile, 4,300 square feet of ceramic tile, 2,700 square feet of hardwood flooring and approximately 2,700 square feet of vinyl base.  Each floor covering type was chosen to demonstrate the unique style of Cabela’s and to integrate the different locations into the store.

The H.J. Martin and Son glass division also was contracted to install all of the exterior glass and doors/hardware on the building. The setting of the glass presented some additional challenges, specifically with the installation of the skylights.

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