SmartStrand: A Smart Way to Carpet

SmartStrand: A Smart Way to Carpet

Posted on December 29, 2014 by

Mohawk SmartStrand just launched an addition to its already stain and soil resistant carpet fiber. They’ve now added Forever Clean Technology as a Nanoloc spill shield to the carpet. This makes SmartStrand Forever Clean the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with a nanotechnology spill shield and the only carpet that contains permanent protection that will never wash away.

In addition, SmartStrand Forever Clean is an environmentally green product. The product:

  • Is partially made of renewable plant-based ingredients
  • Uses 30% less energy than nylon
  • Reduces CO₂ emissions by 63%

SmartStrand Forever Clean is 3x easier to clean than the average carpet because it does not hold onto dirt. Instead, it releases that dirt. All you need for cleaning is hot water. Are you ready for the easiest carpet to clean on the planet? Stop by one of our showrooms to take a look.

Check out the SmartStrand Forever Clean Challenge here.

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