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Large Format Tile: A New Take on Tile Design

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Tile has been a staple in the design world for generations. With each year, and season, H.J. Martin and Son makes it a point to bring our customers face-to-face with the latest, and in this case, greatest, tile products on the market. Large format tile is picking up a lot of attention in the design world, and we are very excited about it. Large tile can be used in all the ways smaller tile is, but you get the benefits of a minimalist look with fewer grout lines.

large format tile, tile, H.J. Martin and Son

Large format Laminam tile was used throughout this bathroom.

Seamless + Functional Design

We are used to seeing the traditional 2×2 squares or 3×6 subway tile in many applications, and while these sized tiles are still popular and widely used, we are loving large tile for its many advantages.

Designing with large format tile offers a lot of opportunity for making a room look larger and creating a more seamless look. H.J. Martin and Son carries both Laminam and Continua by Crossville.

Large format tile usually starts around 24×24, 26×32 and upwards of 18×36! Even though they are large, they are thinner, lighter and stronger than traditional porcelain tile. Large format is also more resistant to fire, water damage and extreme temperatures.

This style of tile is also a great partner to in-floor heat as it is thinner and easier to warm than other materials, according to Porcel-Thin.

The beauty of large format tiles, is that we are not sacrificing style. Porcelain, glass, ceramic, stone, you name the material, we can find a large format tile for you.

A sample Laminam installation is prepared, H.J. Martin and Son, large format tile

A sample of large format Laminam tile is prepared for installation by an H.J. Martin and Son installer.

Large Format Tile Installation

These massive tiles typically take two people to set while installing because they are so large. The installation team at H.J. Martin and Son has been trained to install large format tile, and we have hosted a local builder training about the product along with a demonstration on installation techniques.

Large format tile had been typically used in large commercial applications, as it offers a very dramatic look and feel. However, our design team has been utilizing large format tile in many projects over the course of the last year in residential homes.

Another bonus to a more minimal tile design is how easily it fits in with traditional and modern design styles. When used on walls, this tile fully replaces the need to repaint or update wallpaper as it is incredibly durable.

We have found that large format tile looks its best in more open areas or very large rooms. However, when getting proportions right, large tile can help a smaller space feel larger. Our designers can assist you in choosing the grout color to get the best visual effect you are hoping for from the tile.

If you have any questions about utilizing large format tile in your home or on your next commercial project, contact us here.

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