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Favorite Flooring Products of 2019

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As we prepare ourselves for another decade of new styles, fleeting trends and exciting new products in the world of interior design, we here at H.J. Martin and Son wanted to share a few of our favorite flooring products of 2019!

Products of 2019

Andria Orth – Carpet, Kaleen, Color: Charcoal

Andria’s favorite product of the year is this beautiful patterned carpet! This wool carpet is timeless and is made with some of the most durable fiber (excellent for busy homes!) This pattern comes in different colors and can be used in many different areas of a home!

patterned staircase with plaid carpet runner

Carpet, Kaleen, Color: Charcoal

Mary Souther – Ledgerstone, Anatolia, Color: Beachwalk

Mary’s pick for 2019 is a very versatile ledgerstone! She loves it because it adds texture, visual interest, and a natural coastal element. This ledgerstone is also used in other places around this shoreline home, including an accent under a window box, two walls by the covered jacuzzi, the garage exterior and an interior wall on the house’s lower level. It serves as a lovely way to tie the whole house together.

Anatolia, Ledgerstone, Color: Beachwalk

Anatolia, Ledgerstone, Color: Beachwalk

Tori Korstad – Tile, Soho Studio, Color: Havana Block

Tori’s favorite product of 2019 is this beautiful tile! Tori found this product and style for a customer who found inspiration from a photo they saw while thinking about their dream home. The tile gives a crisp “art deco” vibe and gives the entryway a lot of drama, especially with the green painted panels on the walls.

art deco tile

Tile, Soho Studio, Color: Havana Block

Katie Krause – Hardwood, Provenza, Color: Mink

Katie’s product of the year was this beautiful oak hardwood flooring by Provenza. Her customer wanted to feature this main entryway as a showstopper, so together they designed this custom inlay, making a striking pattern with the hardwood. This is an excellent way to take a traditional product and make it new and exciting, without losing its natural beauty.

Katie loves the pattern made by H.J. Martin and Son installers so much because it is timeless and looks as if it was uncovered from years ago. It adds texture, but is yet understated.

hardwood design entryway

Hardwood, Provenza, Color: Mink

2019 truly was a beautiful year of stunning home installations here at H.J. Martin and Son, and we truly cannot wait for 2020 to begin!

These favorite flooring products are just but a few of the thousands of products we have for our customers to pick from! Our interior design showrooms are packed with products, including luxury vinyl, carpet, hardwood, tile, natural stone and more.

Please contact us for a free design consultation, learn more about our work or look through our gallery to see more of our inspiring installation projects!

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