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Floor Focus highlights “Best Practices” of H.J. Martin and Son

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H.J. Martin and Son was featured in the “Best Practices” section of the December 2016 issue of Floor Focus magazine.

The publication highlighted the company’s $11 million increase in flooring sales for 2016 over 2015 numbers as playing a pivotal role in the 30 percent uptick of total revenue for H.J. Martin and Son.

Floor Focus pointed to “the security of employment and focus on doing a good job, rather than worrying about whether there’ll be a next job” as a primary factor in the company’s success.  H.J. Martin and Son employs 85 commercial installers and 54 residential installers.

Fourth-generation executive David Martin shared with the publication that one of the reasons for the company’s success is the number of employees who have been with H.J. Martin for three-plus decades, along with several families which have multiple members at the company.  Martin discussed his belief that skill sets are generational and get passed down.

H.J. Martin and Son featured in “Best Practices” section of the December 2016 issue of Floor Focus magazine.Floor Focus additionally described the company’s commitment to employee and family as “savvy,” and credits the career paths offered as a successful strategy for solving the inherent problem of how to make a physically demanding profession into a viable, long-term career.

“Many here start as an installer and elevate themselves to superintendent, project manager or department leader,” Martin told Floor Focus.  “We support them in whatever path they choose.”

Martin also discussed the ability of H.J. Martin and Son to differentiate itself from big-box retailers through its experienced team of installers, which allows the company to promise a quality installation along with a guarantee to stand behind the work.

The magazine closed by sharing how a proactive online presence benefits H.J. Martin and Son.

“We look at online as a huge opportunity, and within that we look at our target audience,” says Nicole Jensky, director of marketing for H.J. Martin and Son.  “We pay close attention to brand awareness in the market.  We really try to be a thought leader in the industry.”

Floor Focus is the oldest flooring magazine covering the industry.  Its market research, strategic analysis and fashion coverage of the flooring business is trusted by retailers, designers, architects, contractors, building owners and suppliers.

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