Bamboo for your Floor

Bamboo for your Floor

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Many people have heard of bamboo flooring but it still lacks popularity in the Midwest. The typical look of bamboo’s vertical notches can scare some away. However, the flooring industry has come out with some great, versatile looks that steer away from this traditional style. US Floors has a great product line of Bamboo that offers visuals to mimic other hardwoods from exotic woods like Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood to domestic woods like birch and hickory. As a designer, it is my job to inform customers of their best options and if it suits the situation, bamboo can be one of those options.

About Bamboo:

Bamboo typically grows in the warm climates of Asia and thrives in the wild. However, with increasing demands it is now cultivated in managed forests. It is actually a member of the grass family, which explains its stranded characteristics. Since it is a grass plant, it can grow very high, very fast. Its mature height of 20 meters can be reached in a matter of 4 years, although it is harvested at 6 years maturity for superior strength (known as Moso6 Premium 6 year). When it is cut down the roots remain, allowing for extremely fast regeneration. The part of the bamboo stalk used to produce flooring is the base because of its strength and hardness. The rest of the stalk is used for goods like plywood, furniture, window blinds, chopsticks, clothing and textiles, and even pulp for making paper products, making sure no part of the stalk goes to waste.

Bamboo as a Flooring Product:

Bamboo flooring is made out of select bamboo strips that are cut from the stalks. These strips are sterilized, dried, stacked in layers and glued together with environmentally safe adhesive, pressed through a 1250 ton pressure system, and formed into panels. It is a prefinished product that is coated 6 times with an aluminum oxide finish for extreme durability.

In comparison to domestic hardwoods, bamboo is 27% harder than oak and 13% harder than maple, two of the strongest hardwoods used for flooring. It is constructed of many complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as other hardwoods, making it more resistant to water damage.

Bamboo is an environmentally safe and healthy alternative for your family. It contributes to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for rapidly renewable resources and low emitting materials. It is one of the most recommended materials to those concerned about indoor air quality, allergens, off-gassing, and the presence of Poly-Vinyl Chloride compounds associated with most traditional building materials.

Specifications of the Planks:

5/8” – 1/2” thick

Widths vary from style to style

Tongue-and-groove locking system

Can be installed above or below grade

Can be floated, glued, nailed, or stapled (depending on style)


All of our Bamboo products from US Floors carry Carpet One’s Platinum Warranty. This means they all have the 90-day Beautiful Guarantee, 30-year finish, wear, manufacturing, and structural integrity. H.J. Martin and Son also offers a lifetime warranty for installation on all Carpet One products!

HJ Martin and Son carry a variety of styles and colors of Bamboo. If you feel bamboo might be right for you, stop in to check out our selection and I or any one of our designers would be happy to assist you!

Information gathered from US Floors website

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