The Inside Scoop on 2021 Tile Backsplash Trends

The Inside Scoop on 2021 Tile Backsplash Trends

Posted on February 12, 2021 by

With the coming of 2021, a whole new wave of fashion and design trends are coming to life. As a flooring and design company, it’s always fascinating to see what is in style, and how people incorporate new trends into their homes. We have been falling in love with a few new takes on tile backsplash designs that are sure to wow.

Tile backsplashes are a wonderful and functional accent piece in the kitchen. While there are a plethora of options to choose from at H.J. Martin and Son, here are a few tile styles that are on-trend (but we feel will stand the test of time) that our designers and customers love.

Zellige Tile

Zellige tile, pronounced (zil-EEHJ) is an ultra glossy, hand-cut tile leaving a unique, undulated edge. The term, “undulated,” meaning “moving with a smooth up-and-down motion,” describes the movement, style, and texture of this tile perfectly. Each piece has its own cut and style that when put together, creates a beautiful flow to any backsplash. Zellige tile has unique shades, with each piece different from the rest, and a glossy finish. The 6×6 size is the most popular for a kitchen tile backsplash and comes at a price point that can fit into a variety of budgets.

Small Scale Marble Mosaics

Marble is a classic look that never goes out of style. Today we are seeing small-scale marble used in herringbone or chevron patterns, adding a perfect visual to your kitchen, especially with granite countertops. Any natural stone paired with granite wins people over almost every time! One of the main reasons designers suggest stone or marble is because of the finish options that are available. You can choose from honed, tumbled, polished, brushed, split face, and more. All of these options can give the backsplash a slightly different feel, making yours one of a kind.

Metallic + Marble Mosaics

If you are looking for a style that is very unique and a little outside of the “norm,” this is the style for you! When you venture outside of your comfort zone, you may be surprised by what you find. The geometric shapes and metal accents give a punch of shine that can coordinate with an array of kitchen faucets or appliances while helping a functional space gently stand out.

These are just a few of the many great tile options that we offer at H.J. Martin and Son. For more information about how H.J. Martin and Son can help you plan your kitchen remodel or any home design projects, call our showrooms in Green Bay at 920-494-3461 or Neenah at 920-886-6668 to set up an appointment to meet with a designer. Or you can set up an appointment here! For more immediate inspiration, visit our gallery or Pinterest page.

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