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Brandon Sorge

I love that design has guidelines, but at the end of the day, the design should be something you enjoy and that makes you happy.

Since I was a child, I've always enjoyed art and creating. I used to spend a lot of time designing my room or my parents' house. My personal design style is more modern, but I enjoy the challenge of working within a client's desired style, whatever it may be. Inspiration can come from anywhere; the finest inspiration is whatever evokes emotion or feeling. It could be a work of art, a color, or something inspired by nature. Anything can be used to create a more inspiring space. I enjoy making the process as simple and fun as possible. The best part is when an installation comes to life and we've created a space that my customer enjoys being in.

Personal Facts

  • Degree in Interior Design from Fox Valley Tech in Appleton, Wis.
  • Enjoys spending time with my family and pets.
  • Loves to travel.
  • Likes to attend concerts and shows.

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