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Tate Access Flooring

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Tate Access Flooring

Access flooring provides a cost-effective, flexible solution with numerous advantages for a wide range of facility types.

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  • Conference table on top of access flooring
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  • A single access opened showing various cables running under the floor

Access Flooring Uses

Access flooring has uses across a wide variety of facility types. Some of the places in which access flooring commonly is installed include:

    • Data centers
    • Corporate headquarters
    • Executive office buildings
    • Government structures, including courthouses and libraries
    • Financial institutions
    • Medical and mission-critical facilities
    • Gaming environments, including casinos
    • Open spaces and workstation areas
    • Conference and board rooms
    • Restaurants and venue spaces
    • Classrooms and other educational spaces
    • Laboratories and wet areas
    • Television stations and other media facilities

Access flooring offers a cost-effective, flexible solution that is adaptable throughout the life of a building as needs and technologies evolve.

Advantages of a Raised Floor

The best data-center environment requires the ability to handle a large number of data cables, to efficiently handle high heat loads and be adaptable for future technological and cooling advancements.

Benefits of a Raised Floor include:

    • Enhanced cooling capabilities and temperature control for sensitive equipment
    • Ability to accommodate a range of cooling solutions while increasing efficiency and heat load capacities
    • Easy incorporation of redundant cooling
    • Flexibility to include energy-efficient design
    • Adaptation to technological and client changes over data center life cycle
    • Best solution to distribute water and other liquid cooling agents to row- and rack-based equipment
    • Ability to separate water, power and cable systems
    • Reduced operating and maintenance costs due to accessibility and adaptability
    • Cleanliness of interior space

Access flooring offers a cost-effective, flexible solution that is adaptable throughout the life of a building as needs and technologies evolve.

Guided by the Experts

H.J. Martin and Son is an authorized representative of Tate®, long recognized as a leader in the access-flooring industry. The quality and performance of the American-made Tate® Access Flooring systems are second to none and are manufactured to exacting tolerances. These non-combustible, rigid, solid panels deliver in strength, durability and acoustical performance.

Installation of access flooring requires consideration of performance criteria such as design loads and safety factors. Tate® has six standard load-performance grades and an extensive selection of understructure supports and floor finishes.

Our experts are positioned to guide you to the product that best fits your needs, based on performance and aesthetics.

Floor Covering Options to Fit Any Design

H.J. Martin and Son recognizes that each space has specific requirements from a functional and aesthetic standpoint. In addition to Tate® panel finish options, we offer a wide variety of floor coverings to meet the needs of your project:

  • Brown and grey luxury vinylLuxury Vinyl
  • Black and white static-control vinylStatic-Control Vinyl
  • Dark grey and white high-pressure laminateHigh-Pressure Laminate
  • Light and red wood laminateWood Laminate
  • Dark an light engineered hardwoodEngineered Hardwood
  • Different pattern carpet tileCarpet Tile
  • Teal and salmon colored linoleumLinoleum
  • Grey rubberRubber
  • Patterned terrazzoTerrazzo
  • Dark and light corkCork
  • Freelay hard surfacesFreelay hard surfaces

Our experts are happy to meet with you to view product samples and to determine the best fit.

The H.J. Difference

H.J. Martin and Son takes a custom approach to each access flooring project by factoring the customer specifications and performance needs to create a solution tailored to your project.

We have the capability to provide a unique blend of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, energy-efficiency and attractiveness, offering an access-flooring system that works for you.

Tate® Access Flooring systems have been proven to enhance personal comfort for end users.

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H.J. Martin and Son prices access-flooring projects based on square footage, material type, load-performance grade, understructure system, architectural finish, underfloor air-distribution systems and other project nuances.
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