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Operable Partitions

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Operable Partitions

Operable partitions are commonly utilized in hospitality venues, including hotels, convention centers, banquet halls and restaurants. They are also used in healthcare complexes and educational facilities of all levels, as well as in government, community and office buildings.

We are proud to provide Kwik-wall operable partitions and accordion doors throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Along with new installs, we can also service existing Kwik-wall, Hufcor, Moderco and Panelfold doors and offer yearly maintenance.

  • Meeting room partitions
  • EAA Youth Center
  • Auditorium with partition area
  • Hidden partition in the side of the wall
  • Partition with track in the ceiling
  • Whiteboard partition panels
  • Room partition panels

Space Maximization With Flexibility

Operable partitions provide the ability to maximize available space in any type of facility, from small and large commercial applications to residential use.

Also known as “moving walls,” the term operable partitions describes folding doors, acoustical folding partitions, operable walls, relocatable walls and acoustical panels.

Custom designs, with a variety of finish options, are inherent in this product which also provides durability and ease of maintenance.

Advantages of Operable Partitions

No matter the type of facility, operable partitions provide the flexibility to maximize use of your space. With a wide variety of custom options, you are able to quickly switch from one room size and set-up to another with little disruption to your activities. Better yet, your facilities staff will love the ease of maintenance!

Advantages of Operable Partitions include:

    • Quiet, easy and reliable to operate
    • Maximization of available room space
    • Flexibility in room sizes, with the ability to adjust in a matter of minutes
    • Durable, long-lasting panels which remain strong and straight for years
    • Acoustical qualities to minimize outside sound interference within the room
    • Ease of maintenance
    • No floor tracks to accumulate dirt
    • No troublesome pivot hardware to allow the door to fall down
    • Custom fits to your opening – you don’t have to make your opening fit the door
    • The ability to not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances
    • A wide variety of attractive finish options

Operable Partitions Uses

Operable partitions have use across a wide variety of facility types. Some of the places in which operable partitions are commonly installed include:

    • Educational institutions
    • Convention centers
    • Hotel conference/meeting rooms
    • Medical facilities
    • Religious buildings
    • Corporate offices
    • Training facilities
    • Restaurants and lounges
    • Performing arts centers
    • Museums and other archival facilities
    • Apartment complexes
    • Private homes

Guided by the Experts

H.J. Martin and Son is an authorized distributor of Kwik-Wall, a leading manufacturer of acoustic operable partition, accordion doors and folding glass wall systems since 1961. Kwik-Wall also exclusively provides the HUFCOR brand of movable walls and service parts. The USGBC member company supports H.J. Martin and Son's sustainability goals.

As the newest authorized Kwik-Wall installer in the state of Wisconsin, H.J. Martin and Son brings its six commercial divisions together to offer a single-source solution to all aspects of a building project.

Our team has years of experience installing operable partitions. We are available to assist in selecting the products that best fit your facility needs, whether new construction or renovation of an existing space.

Finish Options to Match Your Durability and Aesthetic Needs

H.J. Martin and Son recognizes that each space has specific requirements from a durability and aesthetic standpoint. We offer a wide variety of finish options in operable partitions to meet your facility needs. Our experts are happy to meet with you to discuss product options and custom surfaces that will best fit your requirements.

The H.J. Difference

H.J. Martin and Son takes a custom approach to each operable partition project by factoring the customer specifications and performance requirements to create a solution tailored to your needs.

We have the capability to provide a unique blend of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, acoustics and attractiveness, installing an operable-partitions system that works well for you.

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H.J. Martin and Son estimates each operable partition project based upon your custom needs. Contact Matt Kaczmarek at 920-321-3413 or at [email protected] to discuss everything from product types/materials and finishes, to room sizes and anticipated uses.

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