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How Flooring on Your Walls Will Help Your Home Stand Out

Laminate: Quickstep, Sculptique, Quicksilver Hickory

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If we told you that you can put flooring on your walls, would you believe us? You should, because using flooring to create an accent wall in your home is truly one of the easiest ways to make a statement.

H.J. Martin and Son designer Angela VerDuin has a number of thoughts on how you can style your home with an accent wall.

wall tile, portside builders

Wall Tile: Dal Caprice Mink blend, random 5/16″ lineal mosaics; Portside Builders

First, it is important to understand WHAT kind of flooring materials can go on walls.






Luxury Vinyl

Basically, everything we can offer in our stores, we can help you put on your walls. Yes, shiplap is definitely another product you can put up on your walls, but think of all the other products out there that are just as pretty, or even more so!

Traditionally, many have already been putting tile on their walls for years. Think kitchen backsplashes, tiled showers, fireplaces, vanity splashes and the like. However, there is room in the world for bigger walls to be covered in beautiful products.

wall tile, flooring on walls, Gryboski Builders

Wall Tile: Golden Sun Stacked Stone wall; Hardwood: Mendocino Hickory; Gryboski Builders

This leads to the second part of accent walls: Where can you put these materials?

Powder Room

Half Bath

Recreation Room


Staircase Wall



Shower Exterior


Mudroom Wall

Kitchen Island/Breakfast Bar

When it comes to deciding how to design a wall with flooring materials, the goal is to use a wall that is a focal point in the house or an area that can become a focal point.

tile wall, flooring on walls, Hurrish Homes

Floor: Angora Vintagewood Color Carbon 6″x24″; Walls: Soho Gloss White 3×6 Subway Tile; Hurrish Homes and Development

One of the most natural areas of a home to decorate as an accent wall is where you have a fireplace. When adding tile or ledgerstone to a fireplace wall, it makes that area of the room pop just a little more, creating an even more beautiful gathering space.

If an accent wall is something you’ve been seeing on Pinterest or Houzz, take a little time to walk through your house to find walls that might work. The best thing you can do is walk into a room and take note of which wall really catches your eye, as an accent wall should be an area you initially notice when entering a space.

Keep in mind, accent walls do not need to be huge dining room walls, they can be small ones too., such as a lower level or powder room wall. There are even options to make headboards, seating areas or large pieces of decor with flooring pieces.

wall tile, great room fireplace, Scott Roshak

Fireplace: 8×16 Antique Pewter Travertine Brushed & Chiseled; Scott Roshak

When selecting a product, it is ideal to remember this will be a fun, conversation-starting area of your home. Find products you think are fun and unique, but also timeless so the feature can last for years and not drop out of style.

As a bonus, you can still hang up your own art, decor, and mirrors on an accent wall.

Laminate: Quickstep, Sculptique, Quicksilver Hickory

Laminate: Quickstep, Sculptique, Quicksilver Hickory

Products purchased for accent walls through H.J. Martin and Son will be installed with the same level of skill, artistry, and attention to detail as we do every other flooring installation. You can trust we will have the ability to ensure a beautiful installation.

With the many ways you can display flooring on your walls, there is no limit on how you can design your home.

For more information about how H.J. Martin and Son can help you design an accent wall in your home, visit us online at www.hjmartin.com or contact us here.

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