Online Warehouse Sale FAQs

Online Warehouse Sale FAQs

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Online Warehouse Sale = Amazing Flooring Deals!

H.J. Martin and Son is hosting its Warehouse Sale online for the second year in a row! After considering going back to an in-person event, we wanted to keep on track to continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We want to keep our staff and customers as safe and healthy as possible.

The sale will run a lot like last year, with a few new features, so we have a number of questions and answers for you to read through to best prepare for the best flooring deals you’ve ever seen!

Shop Overview

What are the sale hours?: Items will go live at 8 a.m. and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis until 1 p.m. or earlier if we sell out.

What if I need assistance?: H.J. Martin and Son team members will be available via webchat on the sale website, main website ( and via phone or text at 920-494-3461 until 1 p.m. the day of the sale. Any orders made after hours will be serviced during normal business hours from Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

How do I know how much material to buy?: If you’re unsure of what quantity of material you need, please read these two resources on how to measure your space.

Or in advance of the sale, please call or text 920-494-3461 to get in touch with a measurer!


How do I guarantee I will get the product I put in my cart?: Putting items in your cart does not save materials for you to purchase later. Due to high demand for materials, there is no guarantee an item in your cart will be there for you to purchase. The material will officially be yours once you check out and receive the order confirmation.

Payment: All purchases must be paid in full on the website. We accept debit or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All sales are final.

Do you offer financing or use of gift cards during the sale?: Financing is not offered on any Warehouse Sale products. Gift cards for H.J. Martin and Son are also not permitted for use during the sale.

Can I cancel my order?: All orders/sales are final.

Returns and Exchanges: All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted on Warehouse Sale materials. For more information about returns and exchanges, please reference the policy on our Warehouse Sale website page and in your invoice email.

Invoices: All purchases will include an emailed invoice.

Extra Quantities: If you need to purchase extra quantity of a product, please call us to see if we can order more at 920-494-3461. Prices may vary.


Roll Good Products Cut to Size: All carpet roll goods will have a predetermined width, and you must provide the length (longest measurement in your room). Your square foot price will be based on the length you enter and we will convert to square footage. For assistance, please see the measurements section above. Rolls will be capped at 25 feet in length, if more is needed please indicate cuts in the provided field.

  • Tip: Just calculating the square footage of your room won’t tell you how much carpet you will have to buy. Rolls come in specific widths—usually 12 feet or 15 feet, but sometimes 13 feet 6 inches. Therefore, when you buy a piece of carpet off the roll, you have to buy the length you need, by the width of the roll.
  • For example, if your room is 10 feet by 10 feet—which equals 100 square feet—and you are buying a carpet that comes in a 12-foot width, you will actually need to buy 12 feet by 10 feet of carpet, which equals 120 square feet.
  • If you are carpeting a fairly small area, you may be able to find a carpet remnant that will save you from having to purchase extra carpet.

Carpet Roll Cuts: If you are ordering a roll and want it cut for multiple rooms, there is a field for you to enter in the room sizes/cuts for us to make before delivery. Your total square footage of what you order should total the full square footage you need.

Remnant Products: Carpet remnants are sold by the roll. You must purchase the full piece. The size will be in the description.

Hard Surface Products: All hard surface products are sold by the square foot in the full box/carton or sheet. The quantity will be stated on the product listing. If the quantity you need is not available, a notice will appear on the screen, and the Buying Quantity field will show how much we have available.

Mosaics: Mosaic tile products are sold by the individual sheet and the exact size of each sheet will be listed in the description.

Carpet Pad: Carpet pad will be sold by the square foot. 

Area Rugs: If you are purchasing a carpet roll or carpet remnant, you can have them made into an area rug. In the checkout, you can select the box indicating you want it cut and bound. We will then call you to discuss binding costs/specifications and delivery/pick-up for a future date. We will not be delivering area rugs the day of the sale.

Delivery and Pick-Up

Material Pick-Up: Material pick-up will be scheduled through the checkout process. More details will be forthcoming! We are taking COVID-19 into consideration and will be following all government-mandated rules on social distancing when scheduling appointments.

Material Holding Fees: All materials are to be picked up within 30 days of the Warehouse Sale or you will be charged a holding fee of $1 per day to keep the materials stored.

Delivery: Delivery of all materials will be charged based on zip code. In addition, deliveries will be scheduled through the website in the checkout process. More details will be forthcoming!

Garage Drop-Off: All deliveries will be for garage drop-off only. Please have your garage door open and someone home to communicate (from a distance) that they received the material. Once materials are in your garage and the delivery driver has moved away from the garage, please take a minute to inspect the material and let the driver know all is well.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we are practicing “contactless delivery,” meaning you do not have to meet our drivers at the door. Please do not approach our delivery drivers and do not help them. This is for our team’s and your safety.

What if I have questions on my delivered materials: All questions and concerns can be directed to our main line, 920-494-3461.


Installation: If you need the materials you’re purchasing installed by our team, please indicate this in the purchase process.

Installation Questions: If you’re installing the material yourself and have questions, you can call us to talk to our installation professionals at 920-494-3461. We will be available to help you the day of the sale.

Installation Materials: Call the showroom to purchase installation materials such as grout, thin set, adhesive and floor cleaning products. Installation products will not be available for delivery or pick up the day of the Warehouse Sale.

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