National Retail Solutions - H.J. Martin and Son

Diverse Services Make For a One-Stop-Shop

From pre-planning to the grand opening, we excel in the breadth of services that we can incorporate into the installation of commercial and retail store solutions.

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    H.J. Martin and Son is ready to help you throughout your interior tenant improvement project. In a wide variety of remodels, our experience includes supervising build outs for several national retailers. From planning and assessment to material selection and installation, our teams are trained to complete interior projects on time, on budget, and with the quality craftsmanship you deserve.

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  • New Store Fixture Installation

    New Store Fixture Installation

    We understand the meticulous planning and unique detail that goes into every decision of new store construction. This is why H.J. Martin and Son is equipped to take your new store from drawn out vision to reality. Be it a big box retailer or a custom facility, our crews self-perform every installation of commercial fixtures and retail fixtures. We are licensed in all states and have crews stationed nationwide.

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  • Remodels


    Specially trained for customer interaction, H.J. Martin and Son crews have the skills necessary to complete your reset or remodel on time, on budget, with quality craftsmanship - all while creating an enjoyable open-store experience for your customers. The fact that our crews self-perform all work ensures that we stay competitive and accountable for all of our actions. Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do for you.

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  • Rollouts and Special Projects

    Rollouts and Special Projects

    Through our experience with complex national chain rollouts and special projects, H.J. Martin and Son can ensure an exceptional experience and promises high quality results that suit your unique needs. With warehousing and distribution operations located throughout the United States, our teams aid in offsite storage and are equipped to receive, consolidate or just hold onto your orders until you are ready to accept delivery; making your job a little easier.

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  • Casework Installation

    Casework Installation

    With specially trained teams stationed nationwide, we are equipped to complete a wide range of casework installations. Each of our skilled craftsmen work in accordance with AWI installation standards to consistently produce the finest quality. With the soft skills to operate professionally in open business environments, our teams ensure a positive experience for both you and your customer.

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  • Merchandising


    The key to boosting in-store sales is often as simple as rethinking your merchandising strategy, whether it is product placement, rebranding, or seasonal adjustments. Our merchandisers are experienced and committed to supporting our retail clients in executing their vision at the store level; so you can focus on sales by increasing operating efficiencies through merchandising support.

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  • Concrete Polishing

    Concrete Polishing

    With the expertise and equipment to self-perform one of the most popular trends in flooring, H.J. Martin and Son is ready to come alongside you with the information, benefits, and maintenance support you need to make a decision on polished concrete. Offering superior durability and high quality with decreased needs for maintenance, concrete polishing is becoming more and more common in retail, office, and warehouse flooring.

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  • Graphic Installation

    Graphic Installation

    Like merchandising, retail signage and decor plays a big role in product sales. From unique displays and banners to point of purchase promotions, H.J. Martin and Son works with leading designers, manufacturers, and signage companies to make sure you're telling a story that helps convert. Our experience in single stores to nationwide rollouts will give you the confidence to choose H.J. Martin as the partner by your side.

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