H.J. Martin and Valerie Greetan Featured in A-List Magazine

H.J. Martin and Valerie Greetan Featured in A-List Magazine

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Valerie Greetan: Interior Designer at H.J. Martin & Son Designer Showroom:


“If you knocked the Green Bay and Neenah H.J. Martin & Son locations together, you would end up with a staggering 17,000 sq. ft. of floor covering.  That in itself sends hardwood fanatics into frenzy.  But if you toss a seasoned designer like Greetan into the mix – someone who sees a thousand possibilities in each floor tile – an all-new dimension of style, choice and imagination swallows you up.

‘Traditionally you can look at a product and think it can be used as you see it.  But if you have the ability to see beyond that…you can truly create a one-of-a-kind look,’ Greetan urged.  ‘I like to encourage my customers to use products in unexpected ways, such as using a beautifully printed tile to cover a wall in a dining room…or covering a fireplace wall from floor to ceiling in a dimensional stone or mosaic.’

Greetan is all for imagination – pushing the limits, embracing the unusual, creating styles that say something more than this is trendy.  This is in.  She enjoys introducing her customers to the underside of design: To her, anyone can sell a floor; it takes true artistry to sell an experience.

It also takes commitment: folks who aren’t willing to accept that the Midwest isn’t a good fit for edgy design.

‘For years we have worked with designers and customers who traveled afar and would bring back photos or samples of things they fell in love with on their adventures,’ Greetan said.  ‘It takes a very long time for those types of products to filter to the Midwest, especially the Green Bay area.  So we spent a lot of time researching different products.  We then decided to put this research to good use by expanding our showroom another 2400 sq. feet [to create] a one-of-a-kind space for customers who want to see the most unique flooring products offered in the industry.'”


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