HJ Martin – Bringing spring into your home

Bringing spring into your home

Posted on May 4, 2016 by

By Stephanie Roskam

Roskam 4With spring now upon us, there are several ways that you can bring it into your home.  I wanted to share my thoughts on how to best do it.

Change out window treatments/window wash

A great tip for letting spring in is to give your windows a good wash.  In winter, dull and dusty windows can go overlooked.  Take advantage of the sunny season now and wash windows in order to let the light come through easier and to make the room brighter.  Another great way to make the room brighter is to change out dark shades for some sheers to let light pass through even more and to soften the room overall.

Fresh flowers

Bring in some tulips from the garden or a local florist. Tulips are a sign of new life and beginnings, along with being symbolic of spring time.  Cut some fresh flowers and bring them into the space to add color and scent.  Fill a vase with fresh lemons and limes also; scent plays a big role in spring time with freshness and brings color.  It’s amazing how the presence of flowers and fresh fruit immediately brightens up your space.

Roskam 3Update fabrics

Spring is the time to bring back the cheerful colors and patterns in your home.  A lot of main-street fabric stores have pillow cases meant for throw pillows, allowing you to interchange your prints and colors without cluttering your home up with dozens of different throw pillows.  They also are very reasonably priced.  Find a balance of colorful prints as well as solid color throw pillows to liven up your space very easily.

Area rugs

Another refresher for your home is to add area rugs.  A wonderful trend right now is with layering area rugs.  An option for the bottom area rug would be bringing in a natural-fiber type like sisal or a jute area rug.  Usually the colors with natural rugs are very warm and in soft colors.  For the top rug, generally you would want to allow 12-18 inches of space on all sides of the rug to see contrast between the top and bottom rug.  A softer fiber rug is generally chosen for the top rug to add more texture and to provide a sense of softness to the space.  This also is a good way to add a pop of color or a method to add a great pattern to the space.

Roskam 2Update paint

Designers are just crazy about Benjamin Moore’s 2016 color of the year, Simply White.  Paint plays a big role in spring time with freshness.  Seeing a new paint color will transform the space to spring-time mode, especially when you are able to open the windows and have refreshed the walls to an airy white neutral.  White walls are a great way to add color in other areas, particularly those where a rug, pillows, furniture and artwork are present alongside the neutral backdrop of your paint color.  The Simply White paint color is a definite way to brighten up any room for spring time and will add instant elegance to any room of your home.

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